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Nearshore BPO Services:
Optimize your business

We’re shaking up the call center companies scene by providing all of the BPO outsourcing services you need at a fraction of the cost.

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We Are Inbound and Outbound Call Center Specialists

You asked. We delivered.

We maintain the front and back office staffing you need, plus inbound and outbound call center calls
in a variety of industries with service oriented and English-proficient agents.

With our nearshore BPO outsourcing services, you will get:

Increased Performance

Increased Profits

Required Compliance

Superior Technology

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Using Our Nearshore BPO Services
Means You Can Leverage Your

With our years of experience as a bpo services provider in nearshore BPO services and call center outsourcing, we employ our expert agents so you can focus your resources on your core competencies. Our resources provide:

  • Reduced Labor, Technology and Operational Costs
  • Superior English Speaking Skills and Strong Cultural Affinity
  • Multi-Channel Engagement and Gamification

Why Choose BPO Services to Overcome
Your Business Challenges?

Using the right BPO services will yield you more money, more productivity, and more opportunities
while you turn your business challenges into wins. See how below:

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Streamline Operations and Cut Costs

From consolidating your processes to defining outcomes to assessing ROI (the list goes on!), let’s get you operating better to increase your revenue.

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Enhance Efficiency and Productivity

We’ll help you become more seamlessly strategic in many ways, such as outsourcing the right processes, leveraging technology, and ensuring data security and compliance.

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Focus on Your Core Competencies

We’ll expertly utilize your unique strengths faster so you can innovate sooner… non-core functions won’t stand in the way of your success!

Leaders in Outsourcing Companies Built for Every Industry

If you have outsourcing needs – we can help. We provide customized call center outsourcing solutions that allow our clients to achieve differentiation in their market. When you partner with Confie BPO, we’ll streamline your business processes with cutting-edge technology.

Call Center Services: All The Services,
One Place

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Access a full suite of Affordable Call Center Services. Get that extra mile of performance you need, and increase business efficiency.

Inbound Call Center Services:
A Holistic Approach to Business Transformation

Inbound BPO process solves a wide array of internal process needs, from customer service and sales, to payments support and others to boost organizational optimization and growth. Some of the most common Inbound call center services are:

Outbound Call Center Services:
Reach Markets Faster and Leverage your Infrastructure

An Outbound BPO process allows outsourcing your customer outreach operations. Engage with a specific target while focusing on your core goals.

Some of the most common outbound call center services are:

Tackling Business Challenges with Expert Business Process Outsourcing Services

Imagine how your business will run when every internal issue is solved. Solutions like change management support and risk mitigation are just the beginning!

With less stress and more efficiency, your employees will benefit from improved work-life balance because they won’t be so overloaded by non-core tasks.

BPO allows you to focus on sustainable growth by adjusting to changing demands effectively and expanding into new markets with purpose and vision.

Partner with the Right BPO Service Provider for Your Business

Why choose our BPO? Our agents don’t speak English from a script. Many of them were born in the U.S. They can listen to your customers and interact with them. That – and the nearshore cost – is what sets Confie BPO apart. No more frustrated customers who can’t make the agent understand their needs.

Advantages of a Nearshore Call Center

Finding an agile and innovation-driven nearshore contact center service provider to customize an outsourcing plan for you is not magic. It’s simply the proper mix of talented people who share a culture and language and the ability to pivot in your market with:

  • Time Zone Advantages
  • Smooth Integration
  • Proximity

Our Outsourcing Call Center Fixed
Rates Save You Money

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You already have an idea of the many ways BPO can save you money, pus help you achieve your goals, but did you know that Confie BPO offers a flat rate per person based on your variables?

Designed to present even more economical solutions. Confie is your end-to-endless results driven partner. Get an online estimate of costs today.

Access Tailored BPO Services and Start Transform Your Business

Our proven business strategy is simple: people first. For 10 years, we’ve been working to become the leader in people-driven strategies that help companies just like yours take the next step.

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