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Call Center for Healthcare Services

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How Call Centers Can Help the Health Industry

As a healthcare provider, your primary goal is to service the health needs of your local community. It can be hard to do that when you are tangled up in paperwork, strict adherence to HIPAA and ever-changing government regulations. Hiring and training new claims processors and human resources personnel, as well as hands-off patient care can be outsourced to a call center to save time and money.

What is a Call Center for Healthcare Services?

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A call center for healthcare services handles many of the tasks in a medical facility not associated with direct patient care. Today’s medical professionals spend an excessive amount of time on paperwork and other non-core activities. Modern call centers can take a load off your caregivers so you can focus on your patients, by handling incoming and outgoing calls, setting appointments and providing reminder calls, processing claims, transcription, data entry and much more.

Paperwork and compliance are always the worst parts of the healthcare industry. Imagine your healthcare center staffed by hands-on medical professionals while a call center for healthcare services handles your other tasks. Focus on treating your patients while your BPO call center partner handles the non-core activities.

BPO Functions in the Healthcare Industry

While you are busy helping your patients and your community, BPO call center agents are busy doing tasks, such as:

  • Medical Coding and Billing: Call center agents are trained for your specific healthcare service so they can process billing, as well as answering calls about invoicing from your patients and healthcare insurance companies.
  • Data Entry: BPO experts can help process patient health assessments, lab reports, test results and prescription information. This data entry outsourcing frees your staff for that all-important hands-on patient care.
  • Medical Transcription: Medical facilities spend an inordinate amount of time transcribing audio files into a text file. Professional transcribers understand how to process this information in an efficient and confidential manner.
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  • Claims Handling: Call center services can help process claims, while saving your organization some serious time. Our claims experts can help save money on government reporting, medical and administrative costs.
  • Follow-up Calls: Compassionate agents make those all-important follow-up, next day calls that take your office and medical facility to the next level.
  • Collections: Collections are always one of the touchiest areas of healthcare. But without collecting the money owed, your healthcare business may go out of business before you know it. Call center agents are trained to tactfully reach out to patients who owe money and help you collect the funds you need for your business.

In addition to these basic but vital tasks, a call center can set appointments, help patients who have questions, perform outbound classes to spread the word about your medical facility and much more.

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Benefits of Using a Call Center for Healthcare Services

As a healthcare professional, every moment that you spend making phone calls and completing mountains of paperwork is a moment you can’t spend on your core responsibilities. A call center will help you focus on your most important priority, your patients. Some other benefits include:

  • Saving money: Outsourcing helps reduce overhead and labor expenses. Depending on where you outsource, your labor costs could shrink exponentially.
  • Stay up to date on compliance: As a heavily regulated industry, it’s imperative you stay updated on all guidelines and standards. Your call center will stay on top of this for you, ensuring you never rack up any fines for non-compliance.
  • Better customer service: No more calls going to voicemail when your office staff becomes overwhelmed during cold and flu season. A call center agent can handle your overflow, so your patients always talk to a real person.
  • Data collection: Data drives your business decisions, and a call center will provide you with a robust system for collecting this data and transforming it into reports you can use to make informed decisions.
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Challenges of Using a Call Center for Healthcare Services

As with any new program, there are challenges associated with finding the right call center. It may take a little time and trial to find the perfect BPO partner. Some of the most common challenges include:

  • Finding your perfect partner: You may have to talk to a few different agencies before finding the one meant for you. Having a clear picture of what you want before you begin will help. Also, don’t get discouraged — the call center you need is within your reach.
  • Finding qualified agents: BPO call centers should invest in agents and provide a well-paying job with career potential. At Confie BPO, we know we have a winning culture where everyone feels welcome. Our recruiting efforts are in constant motion to ensure we have the correct talent for each job.
  • Providing training: Training should be in stages and continuous. Comprehensive training for agents who work for your healthcare brand should include a solid understanding of your policies and practices, as well as ongoing supplemental training for ever-evolving regulatory changes and technology.

How to Choose a Call Center for Medical Services

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There are some helpful tips you may want to consider before committing to a long-term call center relationship. In addition, many of the best call centers are secure in their ability, meaning a trial run should be on the table.

  1. Understand your needs: Have your stakeholders map out what you want and expect from your call center, as well as a working budget.
  2. Healthcare experience: Target call centers with experience working in the healthcare industry.
  3. Ask for quotes: Ask relevant BPO call center companies for quotation models adapted to your specific company.

Once you’ve received some quotes from targeted call centers, follow up with meetings to customize your package and pick the one that fits your needs.

Why is Confie BPO Different?

We know you have plenty of options when selecting a healthcare BPO call center for your medical facility. Some of the ways our affordable services are different include:

  • Transactional and Financial Accuracy: In conjunction with the latest in automated technology, our dedicated teams of well-trained agents ensure accurate and efficient handling of claims, improving efficiency and your bottom line to show a maximized ROI.
  • Excellent Customer Service: Automation and technology play a large part in today’s world, but we believe the human touch is still vitally important. Our agents are empathetic and well versed in active listening skills to help your patients find solutions to their challenges.
  • Optimized Productivity: We optimize the handling of claims, billing, transcription and data entry to achieve a vastly improved productivity gain. We will help you streamline your medical service, allowing for advanced foreplaning and budgeting with improved accuracy.
  • Targeted Healthcare Compliance: Our compliance teams use an active, ongoing system to ensure your healthcare business always meets all legal, ethical and professional standards, plus ongoing regulatory guidelines, especially as they pertain to HIPAA.
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Targeted Healthcare Compliance: Our compliance teams use an active, ongoing system to ensure your healthcare business always meet all legal, ethical and professional standards, plus ongoing regulatory guidelines, especially as they pertain to HIPAA.

Confie BPO Healthcare Experience Record

At Confie BPO, we have a proven track record in the healthcare industry. Our call center works with a variety of clients in healthcare and related fields, such as hospitals, medical practices, health insurance providers and more. It’s our mission to drive your administrative and cost savings to the next level.

With our improved data accuracy, reduced turnaround time and decreased pending claims time, you can fine tune your relationships with your patients and your compliance partners and co-providers. Allowing us to pre-authorize your patient intake, while making objective clinical reviews and providing appeals support, green-lights better health outcomes.

We offer nearshore healthcare call center services. This means our agents are fluently bicultural and bilingual. Many of our agents were raised in the U.S. and still have family here. We offer clear communication that builds trust with your patients, their families and other entities your business interacts with on a daily basis, such as insurance companies, vendors and regulatory bodies. Nearshore means you save money without compromising customer satisfaction and streamlined operations.

The biggest advantage Confie BPO services offers to healthcare companies is freeing up your most valuable resource: Time to spend with your patients. And we can do that with nearshore BPO agents who are experienced in healthcare services and who can speak the language of your clients and patients.

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The Future of Healthcare Call Center Services

The future of healthcare services revolves around finding ways medical practitioners and clinicians can take care of their patients first and improve health outcomes. In today’s world, many in the medical field feel they are sacrificing their patient care to an ever-growing mountain of paperwork, regulatory standards and administrative duties. With a record-setting population of those aged 65 and older, many in the medical field feel they are barely keeping their heads above water. This accelerated schedule also contributes to medical worker burnout and turnover.

Healthcare services in the future are trending toward ways to cut down on the side of medical care that is not focused on people first, by delegating it to other companies. As part of this, finding ways for caregivers and patients to connect easily and seamlessly through their experience makes it easier on both. The future of call centers in healthcare settings plays a large part in allowing this connection to take place.

In addition, a call center will gather the necessary data and put it in a readable report format — providing vital information about individual patients as well as valuable analytics for an overarching picture of the health of the healthcare center itself. This data, when used correctly, provides a well-lit path for hospitals and practices to leverage smart business decisions and resource allocation.

Finally, in order for today’s healthcare models to remain financially viable, there must be wise and thoughtful asset management. Future healthcare call center trends include using cutting edge innovation and technology to pick up the slack, so hands-on patient care can take the front seat.

Additional Aspects We Provide in our Call Center for Medical Services

Our healthcare call center will help you achieve your main goals: improved patient care with efficient and correct administrative duties. Our mission includes:

  • Ensuring our call center agents are well-versed in your policies, practices, and branding, as well as HIPAA practices.
  • Ensuring our agents are thoughtful, empathetic, and trained on how to handle difficult calls.
  • Ensuring our call center technology helps you find ways to improve your practice and our operation.
  • Ensuring you receive constant customer feedback from your patients for ongoing service improvement.

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FAQs About Healthcare Call Center Services

Comprised of both inbound and outbound services, a healthcare call center offers those in the medical field an opportunity to focus on their core activities while turning non-core activities over to a third-party provider. This allows medical practitioners to focus on their patients, while their call center partner handles other aspects, such as setting appointments, appointment reminders, physician referrals, insurance verification and claim processing, medical transcription, data entry, regulation compliance and much more.

All medical facilities will benefit from outsourcing non-core operations so their medical staff can focus on patients. This includes hospitals, urgent care clinics and stand-alone emergency rooms, as well as doctor’s offices and clinics.

There are many benefits to outsourcing healthcare services, but primarily, it frees medical professionals up to focus on their main reason for choosing their career path: The ability to care for the people in their community. It allows them more space and time to do this, without being under too much pressure. It is positive for both patients and caregivers.

As with anything new, there is a window for working out bumps in the road. It may take a little while for a practitioner to feel comfortable with turning over large amounts of their responsibilities to another party. In the beginning, there may be episodes of translation errors between decision makers on both sides, leading to confusion and errors. However, most of these issues will be ironed out with time and patience. In the long run, the benefits far outweigh the challenges.

Find Out What Others Already Know About the Benefits
of Confie BPO