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About Us

Front view of businesspeople standing

Who is Confie?

The Confie BPO mission is to help companies optimize their operations for maximum productivity and profitability. As part of Confie, the largest personal lines agency in the U.S., we find success by providing transformative tools for businesses seeking customer growth and increased revenue.

Our range of BPO services are easily customizable, integrate seamless and results are measurable. We have over 1,000 skilled staff members, nearly all of whom are bilingual (Spanish and English) and bicultural.

Front view of businesspeople standing

Why Choose Our BPO?

Simple. We are people focused and experienced at listening. These basic skills can get lost in today’s fast‑paced and ever‑changing landscape but these are our techniques for providing world‑class business solutions supported by innovative technology and validated by analytics. Our agents aren’t scripted. There’s no need for that when they can listen, comprehend and respond appropriately and engagingly with your customers.

When I went into the reception area, I noticed the difference: the people, the vibe, the facilities, the colors, and everything. I just related to it all and thought: this is where I belong.

Juan B. on his first visit to our Tijuana facility

Shared Service Center:
A Modern, Inviting Workplace

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Our 1,500 seat capacity state‑of‑the‑art headquarters is designed to promote happy and productive workers 24/7, with large cubicles, a rooftop café and spacious common areas.

  • 24/7/365 Operations
  • PCI Compliant
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Language Levels – B or C1

The EXTRA Benefits of BPO

When you add Confie BPO to your team, you add game-changing results. Unleash your organization’s potential with our skilled agents, measurable results, insightful analytics and a robust infrastructure.

Experienced Professionals

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From skilled IT technicians to HR professionals to friendly and well‑versed customer service agents, BPO offers services where you most need help. Our team members undergo constant and rigorous training to stay at the top of their game.

Skilled Bilingual Staff Members

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Agents and personnel who can speak your customers’ language, as well as understand their values and culture. We can create and use scripts, but we are also proficient at conversing in a natural, smooth‑flowing manner.

Multi‑Channel Engagement

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Communicating easily with your customers in a seamless and wide variety of media to “touch” their interest in your services and products. Our ongoing training includes mastering all current and new methods of digital communication.

Our Competitive Advantage

By providing transformative solutions, we give you the ability to focus on your core business while we take care of the day‑to‑day management and execution of behind‑the‑scenes tasks. We offer:

People First

We build growth, trust and loyalty in customers and workers by putting people first.

Continual Process Improvement

We encourage and reward forward-thinking, talented team members.

No Long‑Term Commitment

We test new markets and solutions with easily integrated marketing and customer-centered techniques.

Robust Infrastructure, Proven Results

We implement both innovative and proven solutions to find the perfect mix.

Take Advantage of What Confie BPO Has to Offer Today!

Contact Confie BPO today to find out why our BPO is a time‑tested strategy for minimizing costs and boosting revenue.

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