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programmer working on laptop taking notes in a BPO during 2021

BPO Trends To Expect In 2021

Business process outsourcing learned to adapt and finally thrived in 2020 with the coronavirus quarantine. Now that a return to normal is on the horizon, how will BPO respond? Let’s take a look at some of the biggest BPO trends you can expect in 2021.

1. Integration of New Technology

The cloud is the way of the future, so it’s no surprise we should see BPOs using it this year. These companies may even begin to automate their services for greater efficiency. This might mean using bots and AI to quickly answer customer inquiries or route more complicated questions to a representative.

BPOs aren’t the only ones who will be utilizing new tech. So will their customers, which is why a solid BPO will offer beginning-to-end solutions to help customers implement security tools, install firewalls, and more.

2. More Social Media Management

More and more customers are turning away from placing calls and instead relying on social media to get answers. As more companies use social media to enhance the customer experience, it’s only natural that BPOs will step in to help manage the process.

BPOs can offer 24/7 chat and messaging over social media so that customers can get information when they want through the channels they already use. This can improve a company’s online reputation while also providing more customer satisfaction.

3. More Transparency

Traditionally, BPO companies made it challenging to learn more about their pricing and policies. Thankfully, that taboo is changing. As more and more startups are getting into the BPO game, competition is becoming fierce. This means BPO companies are becoming more transparent about their contracts and services, making it easier for smaller businesses to get on board.

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