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Third Party Administrator (TPA)

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Comprehensive TPA Solutions for Claims Organizations

Your claims organization deserves an all-inclusive management system that establishes client loyalty through efficient and responsive claims processing. Enter Confie BPO: your claims processing experts. We provide you with world-class business solutions supported by technology and validated by analytics.

While we maximize efficiency, improve business outcomes, reduce costs, and drive service excellence with services ranging from Claims Processing for Inactive Policies to Spanish Translation Services to Back Office Administration Functions, your company gets to grow exponentially.

Explore all of our TPA offerings below as you envision your business thriving with Confie BPO by your side:

Accelerate Your Claims Processing Today

Accelerate claims processing with confie bpo

Whether you regularly use our other BPO services or this is your first time, get ready to experience limitless and comprehensive capacities when it comes to claims processing. Currently, we cover seven major claims processing functions as well as an extensive collection of additional support features.

Examples of the high-quality claims solutions you receive with Confie BPO are:

First Notice of Loss (FNOL): Quick and accurate handling of initial loss reports.
Spanish Translation Services: Bilingual support for expert Spanish translation.
Seamless Communication for Active Claims: Ongoing assistance for policyholders and claimants throughout the claim process.
Claims Processing for Inactive Policies: Claims processing related to inactive or lapsed policies.
No Exposure Claims Processing: Professional processing of claims in scenarios with no exposure or when applicable coverage is not available.
Adverse Liability Assessment & First-Party Coverage Verification: Skillful processing of claims where liability is clearly hindering the claimant’s position.
Back Office Administration Functions: Various administrative activities, including email inbox management, invoice processing, mail ingestion, supplement requests, and document follow-up.

Remarkably Improve Your Claims Organization with Bonus Support Functions

Improve claims organization with confie bpo

As part of our promise of excellence to you, our professional BPO offerings don’t stop at essential solutions. We go above and beyond for our clients with additional functions to support streamlining and accelerating claims processing:

  • System Enhancement Testing: Rigorous testing of system enhancements, ensuring functionality and effectiveness of system upgrades.
  • Quality Assurance & Training: Comprehensive quality assurance to ensure a high-quality end product, along with ongoing training for continuous improvement and skill development.
  • Customizable Reporting: To meet your business needs.
    • EX: Voice Service, Quality Assurance, Production and Trends.
  • Nearshore Facilities.

BPO Solutions for Claims: Differentiate Your Business Starting Now

Confie bpo solutions for claims representation

You could hire someone to just complete tasks for the sake of checking boxes, or you could partner with us here at Confie BPO where we take your business on as if it was our own. As a business owner you know better than anyone that treating your company with the same vision, strategy, attention to detail, and care as you do is all you ever dream about.

Confie BPO is that dream made manifest: we it our business to excel your claims business.

Take Your Insurance Claims Processing to the Next Level with Confie BPO

Ready to step into the best version of your claims organization? Contact us today by phone at 877-964-0946 or via email at

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