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Employee engaged in team Webcam conference on laptop in covid 19

Covid-19’s Impact On Business Process Outsourcing

COVID-19 has had lasting effects on the economy, forcing businesses across the world to alter their operations. The world of business process outsourcing (BPO) was not immune. Here’s a quick look at how the coronavirus pandemic has changed BPO over the past year.

BPO Struggled at First

At the onset of the pandemic, many BPO providers struggled with moving their workers to an at-home workspace. This resulted in unprecedented wait times and backlogs of calls, creating a wave of frustration for American consumers. It took some time for the transition, but BPO providers eventually found a formula that worked for their employees and the customers they serve.

Businesses Outsourced More and More

BPO call centers were popular before the pandemic hit for things like customer service and lead generation. But during the pandemic, many companies turned to BPO for even more needs, including IT and cybersecurity. Outsourcing these things helped their employees stay connected even when they couldn’t be in the office together.

Overseas BPO Is Limited

After COVID-19 hit, the United States established travel restrictions with Europe and Asia. This limited non-essential travel in these areas made it difficult for companies to visit and coordinate with their BPOs. Because of that, many companies were unable to utilize offshore resources, reducing their productivity altogether. Many businesses rely on using international personnel with work visas for in-country support, but this couldn’t happen as much during the pandemic.

BPO Has Grown (and Will Continue to Grow)

Despite all the challenges BPO faced, the industry has come out ahead during COVID-19. With more and more companies working from home, it makes sense that more and more are trusting BPO services. If your core team doesn’t have to work in the same physical location, why should your call center? Current estimates predict that the BPO market will accelerate at a CGAR of more than 7%. That means that by 2024, the industry will grow by $76.9 billion.

Now Is the Time to Move to Confie BPO

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