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24/7 Support That Pays Off: Why Every E-commerce Business Needs a Call Center

In today’s fast-paced digital world, people want to stay in the loop when it comes to the products they purchase online. E-commerce call center services empower you to take control of your business communications while keeping your customers supported and connected. Working with a call center outsourcing solution lets you provide timely service and support to customers across the globe, allowing you to get the most out of operating a digital business.

What Is an E-Commerce Call Center?

An e-commerce call center is a company that handles customer communications for your online business. Even if you exclusively sell products online, you still need to have an open line of communication with your customers to keep them engaged and resolve potential issues. Your outsourcing provider will handle incoming questions, contact customers on your behalf, build social media communities and create streamlined systems for your business.

Types of E-Commerce Call Center Services

There are three main ways you can leverage a contact center for your online business’s customer communication:

Inbound Calling

Inbound calling involves customer service when your clients need to reach out. Customers may ask for updates on an order, get payment processing help, or seek technical support. Representatives at your outsourcing provider will answer their calls directly so you can focus on running your business.

Outbound Calling

You can also use outbound contact services to help engage customers and grow your audience. Sales reps can follow up on leads and contact potential prospects to direct them to your products and services. They can also conduct market research and gather information about how you can improve your customers’ buying experience.

Omnichannel Communication

Modern customers can contact businesses through several channels, including chat, social media, email, and phone. Outsourcing omnichannel support services ensures you’ll be able to engage your audience on their preferred platform, helping you capture more sales.

Essential Call Center E-Commerce Functions

Essential Call Center E-Commerce Functions

Some of the main functions that e-commerce call center outsourcing can fulfill for your company include:

Order Processing and Fulfillment

E-commerce BPO providers can both take orders over the phone and handle online order entry at any time of day. They can assist your customers with placing orders, handle payment information, and communicate with your fulfillment partners about shipping and outgoing orders. When your customers call to place an inbound sales call, there needs to be an immediate answer.

Returns and Refunds

Between shipping, updating inventory, and communicating with customers, processing returns can be a complex endeavor. Experienced call center agents can handle returns on behalf of your company and communicate with buyers about your return policy. They’ll be able to handle the initial return, process the payment, share shipping details, and update your system with the refund information.

Technical Support

One of the challenges of e-commerce is the reliance on digital tools, which can have your customers running into technical errors. Call center teams can help your website visitors troubleshoot issues and successfully make a purchase or operate their product or service. Technical support call center services can manually take orders if your site is having an issue and communicate with your team about bugs they encounter.

Customer Support

Customers may want to send a call or chat with questions about your products or the purchasing process. Your outsourcing partner will train their reps on your organization and its offerings to provide expert answers and guidance.

Benefits of E-Commerce BPO Services

By working with a BPO partner that’s experienced with e-commerce, you can gain several benefits:

Customer Satisfaction

One of the main advantages of working with a call center provider is the ability to offer 24/7 support. You can leverage their large network of representatives and technical infrastructure to connect with customers at any time of day. This benefit provides your clients with a faster, more convenient buying experience that promotes a better relationship with your brand.

Increased Sales

Having a streamlined call center system in place makes it easier for customers to make purchases, helping increase sales and drive revenue. When customers encounter roadblocks during the buying process, they can simply contact your support team for instant assistance.

Reduced Costs

BPOs provide affordable communications services that are much cheaper than managing an in-house sales or support team. Maintaining a 24/7 team on your own involves extensive labor costs, but you can access serious savings by working with an outsourcing expert.


The right call center partner has the ability to customize your needs, as well as scaling up and down if your business is seasonal. Flexible packages with agents who can fluently communicate with your customers, as well as be available during your normal business hours, can make a big difference in your ROI.

Why Outsource Your E-Commerce Call Center?

Making and receiving calls can quickly become overwhelming when trying to manage customer communications in-house. You’ll need to hire and train designated service representatives, which can be a costly endeavor — especially as your business grows. Outsourcing your call center needs allows you to automatically tap into trusted systems and get 24/7 support from experienced representatives, all at an affordable price. Plus, you can effortlessly handle increased call volume as you scale your business without having to overhaul your current system.

Choosing the Right E-commerce Call Center Partner

Because your outsourcing provider has direct contact with your consumers, it’s important to pick a qualified provider who can manage your client relationships and promote efficiency for your business.

A quality e-commerce call center service should have experience fielding communications for online businesses. You’ll also want to look for providers with experience within your niche so they can provide specialized advice and support based on your products and common challenges in your industry. Support that is available 24/7 is especially important for online businesses that operate globally, so make sure your provider offers round-the-clock service.

Talk to potential providers about the tech tools they offer, including whether they have an omnichannel platform for fielding chats, emails, and more. Communicate with the organization about how they measure success, analyze call data, and track performance metrics to ensure prompt service and high customer satisfaction rates.

Elevate Your E-Commerce Business With Call Center Services

An accessible, convenient contact system can set your business apart from competitors by providing a more streamlined user experience. Confie BPO has the expertise and call center infrastructure you need to support your online operations.

To start leveraging our call center tools to enhance your digital business, give us a call at 800-684-2276 or contact us online today.