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4 Ways Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Can Boost Your Company’s Marketing Efforts 

You’re used to bringing outside partners into your marketing efforts. This can be in the form of advertising or branding agencies, as well as freelance photographers, writers, art directors, or other creative and account-oriented professionals. How about expanding your collaborative footprint with a call center partner?  

Let’s take it one step at a time. 

What Is BPO? 

Business process outsourcing or BPO is a partnership in which your company contracts with a proven vendor to get one or more non-core services or departments. The strategy is to enable your company to focus on what it does best and trust experienced and talented outsiders to support your company with their services. 

A BPO organization can cost-effectively offer such non-core services as call center operation, IT support, accounting and collections, payment processing, human resources, lead generation and outbound sales, and many other departments and skill sets. 

When you choose a nearshore BPO call center, services are rendered by providers in closer geographic proximity to client companies. This makes it likelier for your partner to be in the same time zone, employ agents who understand and speak your language fluently and to be much closer physically for more frequent and convenient in-person contact. 

Here are some of the leading advantages of partnering with a nearshore BPO, specifically to support your ongoing marketing initiatives. 

1. The Call Center Operation Encourages Phone Call CTA 

What are you trying to accomplish with your advertising or promotional messaging? Do you primarily want phones to ring? 

If a toll-free phone number is given, it’s your responsibility to be sure all inbound leads are promptly answered and requested services rendered, whether that means orders placed, questions answered, or complaints resolved to a customer’s satisfaction. 

Many businesses see the multi-layered complexity of setting up a call center that provides 24/7 comprehensive customer response in-house and decide to outsource that responsibility to a proven partner. 

A professionally run BPO call center will thoroughly train all staff on the products and services to be addressed for companies of all sizes. Its people will be able to respond to every possible customer question that might be asked and any requests made. They’ll learn how to sell and upsell as though they were your own trusted employees. After all, you must be able to depend on your BPO operation to put customers at ease, accurately fulfill sales, and enhance your brand. 

The operation will also track such critical data as average call wait time, abandonment rate, resolution, and overall customer satisfaction. With these and additional metrics, you’ll learn in real time the effectiveness of your BPO call center partner and can make whatever tweaks or major changes are necessary. 

2. Lead Generation and Outbound Sales Calls Proactively Generate Revenue from Your Marketing Efforts 

The key word here is proactively

The purpose of your BPO operation, as described above, is to answer the phone when your customers call and to actively provide solutions that will generate revenue, enhance customer relations, and build and enrich your brand. 

So far, so good, but what if your call center could do much more? What if the professionals working there had the instincts, skills, and training to generate genuine leads for your marketing department and place outbound sales calls to get orders? 

That’s a job that can also be pursued cost-effectively on a 24/7 basis from an accomplished BPO center operation in support of your in-house sales team. 

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3. Direct Response Marketing Motivates Your Customers to Take Immediate Action 

Specialists in this area focus on generating customer sales now. While brand-building efforts are also underway, your BPO partner in direct response marketing will put its main emphasis on order fulfillment in partnership or alliance with your in-house advertising efforts. 

You already know that branding your company is an expensive proposition. The beauty of direct response marketing is the ability for smaller companies to generate high-value leads – marketing efforts directed at the people most likely to respond to an attractive offer. With direct response marketing in the right hands, you’ll get measurable results quickly. 

Campaigns are launched and sales are rung up. 

4. Technical Support Keeps All Your Other Marketing Efforts Functioning Smoothly 

You might have a textbook marketing campaign in the works, but what difference does that make if your whole digital system crashes? 

One leading function of a trusted BPO is to offer 24/7 technical support for your entire system at a much lower cost than the services you might be able to access domestically. That means no after-midnight or weekend phone calls to disgruntled in-house tech staff or scrambling to cover tech support emergencies while your people are sick or on vacation. 

As a result, no communications activity is wasted. Your digital ads go out and responses are generated, tracked and fulfilled as planned. 

It All Adds Up to Affordable and Uninterrupted Call Center Marketing Support Services 

Shockingly, many firms that generated marketing efforts designed to produce solid leads through the internet failed to capitalize on those leads, even though those who did follow through and contacted a prospect within one hour were seven times more likely to have a positive outcome. 

As you are aware, these results are every business owner’s dream, but doing this in-house takes an enormous amount of infrastructure and cost. 

Consider partnering with a nearshore BPO call center operation for your next campaign. You’ll receive trusted inbound and outbound call execution, prompt tech support, and specialized marketing collaboration that will enable your company to maximize its results at the lowest possible cost. It’s truly a collaboration worth exploring and making a key component of your marketing initiatives.

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Comprehensive Call Center Marketing Support is at Your Fingertips 

At Confie BPO, our commitment is to the success of all your marketing efforts. We can handle your inbound and outbound sales calls and offer additional support as needed so your company can grow revenue, enhance its reputation, and focus on its core strengths. 

Are you ready to learn more about how Confie can give you an edge? Call us at (800) 684-2BPO (2276). You can also contact us by email or fill out a form online.