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What Are The Advantages Of Nearshore BPO? 6 Ways Nearshore BPO Is Better

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is very handy for many businesses and can seriously benefit your company by providing a professional call center. But companies quickly discover that there are many types of BPO, and some are better than others.

Most of the time, managers and CEOs debate the benefits of onshore BPO (in which you share a country with the third party) and offshore BPO (in which the third party is potentially very far away). Generally speaking, onshore BPO can sometimes be a bit too expensive, and offshore BPO can be a bit too unreliable.

There is a third option, though: nearshore BPO, in which your company works with a third party in a nearby country. Here are just a few of the biggest benefits to using nearshore BPO!

1. Business Process Outsourcing: Closer Is Better

One of the reasons nearshore BPO is beneficial is very straightforward. For the most part, closer is better when it comes to business process outsourcing!

In a perfect world, your BPO provider will run everything smoothly and seamlessly. Realistically, though, issues will eventually come up that require you to troubleshoot and coordinate with the provider. And depending on the issue, the best way to do that is to visit them in person.

If that should happen, it’s far easier to fly to a nearby country than it is to fly somewhere much further away (such as China). So if problems do crop up, having a nearshore business process outsourcing solution can save you time and money.

2. Call Center Communication Made Simple with Nearshore BPO

Something you likely share with your own employees is the concept that fast, accurate communication is crucial to the success of your business. And so, finding a team you can easily communicate with when it comes to a BPO solution for your company is paramount.

And communication is easier with nearshore BPO than offshore BPO. Part of this is simply due to proximity: The countries closer to your own are much likelier to have more people who fluently speak your language than countries that are farther away.

Communication can also be difficult with offshore BPO companies because they are in a different time zone than your own. Conversely, there are many benefits to working with a nearshore BPO company that is in your own time zone.

3. Sharing a Time Zone is Important in Picking a BPO Partner

Above, we outlined how sharing a time zone with your BPO provider can make communication easier. But it also helps with almost every aspect of business process outsourcing.

For example, imagine that you are working with an offshore BPO provider on the other side of the world. If you have a BPO-related problem in the middle of the day, it may be the dead of night in your provider’s country. This may make it difficult to coordinate and address the issue.

That’s even more important if you need a BPO provider to handle important things like back office processing for functions such as payroll. The last thing you want to deal with is angry employees wondering when they are going to get paid!

4. Shared Culture Means Your BPO Workers Understand

Many companies now consider the “culture fit” when someone applies for a job. That’s because the employer doesn’t just want an impressive resume and a set of skills. They also want someone who will be able to understand the shared culture of the office, the company, and the overall brand.

Culture fit is also important when you are selecting a BPO provider. You may be tempted to try to save money by hiring an offshore BPO provider that is very far away. But if the provider doesn’t understand the nuances of both your company culture and your country’s culture, it could hurt your business in the long run.

Nearshore BPO means you can enjoy a shared culture with your BPO provider and all of the benefits that come with it!

5. A Nearshore BPO Can Save You More Money

Arguably, the primary reason that companies often go with offshore BPO is to save money. But did you know that you can potentially save more money by relying on nearshore BPO?

It all goes back to the offshore headaches that we mentioned above. While an offshore provider may offer a slightly lower price, your company may have to contend with numerous issues with communication and coordination. This may soon cut into your bottom line and cost you more (potentially much more) money than you initially saved.

But with nearshore BPO, you get to have the best of both worlds. Nearby countries will have BPO providers at much more affordable prices than onshore and are very competitive against offshore. At the same time, you get the benefits of sharing languages, cultures, and time zones.

6. Avoid Integration Issues in the Call Center with Nearshore BPO

One of the biggest obstacles to any call center is something that can easily sneak up on you. What are we talking about? Integration!

It’s become increasingly common for companies to work with different remote teams, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. Coordinating with a BPO provider becomes another such team.

There are many benefits to this kind of remote coordination, but it can eventually be very difficult to integrate your different internal and external teams. And with offshore BPO, you run into the problems we outlined above (including language barriers and inconvenient time zones) that make integration even harder. But with nearshore business process outsourcing, those barriers are non-existent and can help make integration easier than ever.

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Now you know more about the advantages of using nearshore BPO services. But do you know where you can find the BPO provider your company truly deserves?

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