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How Business Process Outsourcing Pays For Itself

Business process outsourcing (BPO), or contracting with a third party to provide specific business processes, is a valuable tool for companies of all sizes to reduce costs. In fact, when you take advantage of Confie’s BPO services, you will find that they pay for themselves. Here are several benefits of near sourcing with Confie’s BPO services.

Built-in Expenses are Reduced While BPO Pays for Itself

Hiring employees for back-office tasks like bookkeeping automatically comes with many costs. There are salaries and benefits, or hourly wages, that you must pay (not to mention costs for recruiting, hiring, and training), plus all the semi-hidden costs, as well.

Everything from office lease space (with the added utility bills that come with it) to desks, computers, software, printers, copiers and even office supplies have their own price tag. By leveraging business process outsourcing, you keep all those costs to a minimum (and save immense amounts of time and headaches).

Labor Costs are Much Lower Just South of the Border

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There are several reasons labor costs are lower south of the border. The increase in minimum wage and the rising cost of infrastructure in the United States, plus the constant evolution of technology have all made business process outsourcing more valuable than before.

By taking advantage of the disparity in labor costs that are available between the U.S. and Mexico, Confie can hire professionals to complete your work with the quality you need at a great savings in terms of hourly wages. And by “near sourcing” instead of “outsourcing,” you gain the advantage of lower travel costs.

Confie BPO’s facility is in Tijuana, Mexico, just a five-hour flight from New York and one mile from the U.S.-Mexico border. This is a short trip from Confie’s headquarters in Huntington Beach, CA. Our BPO facility is a state-of-the-art building constructed in 2016 that allows us to operate with maximum efficiency 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Some refer to this approach as labor arbitrage. At Confie, we prefer to think of it as just smart business. Why pay a higher price point than necessary? We provide employment to our workers near shore and can offer your business much better pricing for professional services.

Our services range from customer service to accounting to IT and everything in between (including lead generation and both inbound and outbound sales). Our employees are bilingual in English and Spanish with excellent English skills. And all of those “semi-hidden” costs like office space, desks, computers, and software? We take care of all that for you.

Only Use and Pay for the Services You Need

Is your business scaling up? That’s great! We can match the amount of work you need with the professional, trained staff to get it done quickly and easily. If your needs increase, we can easily flex up and provide more labor (and additional kinds of services) later as needed. In case of an economic downturn, we can also scale back as needed.

We will tailor our staff to your needs. This is dramatically less expensive than the cost of recruiting, hiring, training (and perhaps at some point letting go) workers on your own. You decide when you need to pivot, and we take care of everything involved in making it happen.

Seasonal and Cyclical Costs are a Breeze

Have you experienced those times when you simply can’t hire fast enough, and everyone is working overtime … and then it slows down? Perhaps way down? And the worst part is that you have seen this before and can predict it.

Some businesses have predictable busy seasons like the holiday season for retail, while others have busy seasons for certain functions like tax season for accounting. And in a changing world with a pandemic, it can be much harder to predict these cycles than before. Even if you provide a product or service that consumers need 365 days a year, there will be an ebb and flow to certain professional activities within your organization.

Business process outsourcing is one of the most effective tools there is to smooth out these hills and valleys in your business. By adding resources only when you need them and then letting them go on schedule in ways that have already been agreed to and communicated to all parties (without difficult and expensive processes like layoffs or firings), you are ahead of the game. No more quick hiring and quick letting people go. You get to delegate all of that, which builds employee loyalty for your home office and pays for itself in the process.

Focus on Your Mission Critical Tasks that Increase Profits

By near sourcing more “routine” tasks that still require professional execution, you can concentrate on the key pieces of growing your business that will bring you closer to your vision for your organization’s future. Few business owners are experts when it comes to accounting, customer service calls, or IT, but if you allow any of these necessary roles to falter, your profitability and your professional reputation can and will fall quickly with them. So let us free up your time for the big decisions.

We Serve a Wide Array of Industries 

Confie’s history is in finance, but we also serve a wide variety of industries, including automotive, energy, healthcare and insurance, retail and e-commerce, technology, communications, travel and hospitality, and utilities. While many people think of business process outsourcing as something to help small- to medium-sized companies, it has also been successfully implemented by Fortune 500 companies. All businesses can benefit from the lower costs that come from business process outsourcing, especially those going through rapid growth or significant changes.

Confie has the infrastructure and experience to manage your firm’s business processes and have our services pay for themselves. Founded in 1998, we are a strong player in the call center services space to IT support and everything you need in between. We will provide the business security and continuity that you need no matter what the future holds. Contact Confie for Business Process Outsourcing today!