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Should Small Businesses Outsource?

Outsourcing has become a hot topic over the last few years. It’s been such a popular issue that many politicians have spoken about it while running for office. Businesses of all sizes have benefited from outsourcing, and small businesses can reap the benefits too. It doesn’t matter how small your business is, delegating tasks to a third-party can save you time and money.

Small business owners tend to have a “do-it-yourself” mentality and are often overly involved with the everyday tasks of running their businesses. A recent survey by The Alternative Board revealed that most entrepreneurs spend nearly 70% of their time on back-office tasks, such as bookkeeping, HR and administrative duties. Trying to do everything yourself can stall the growth of your business and may leave you too exhausted to focus on the more essential tasks.

Here are some of the ways small business owners can benefit from outsourcing.

The Benefits of Outsourcing

Access to Experts

If you don’t have the necessary skills to do things like accurate bookkeeping, online marketing, or quality control, then you will waste time struggling to complete those tasks, which can cause you unnecessary stress and can lead to burnout. Outsourcing companies have the expertise to manage these tasks, leaving you time and energy to run your business.

Delegate Routine Tasks

Automate what you can, and outsource the rest. The repetitive tasks take time away from running your business.

Saves Money

Outsourcing tasks saves money. Training and compensating staff can be expensive, especially for small businesses. But outsourcing those same tasks to a qualified outsourcing company will be less costly.

Increases Productivity

With the extra time, you can focus on tasks that matter most to you and tasks that you excel in. Every small business owner knows how valuable time is.

More Flexibility

Outsourcing gives you instant access to professionals who can help your business grow. Instead of using the time to interview, recruit, and train, you can focus on the core tasks of your business. Outsourcing companies also adapt to the changes in best practices, technology, etc. as it relates to your business.

Choose Your Outsourcing Partner Carefully

Treat outsourcing like a relationship. Do your research and pick your partner carefully. The company should have a solid track record, a wide range of services to offer you, and a well-trained staff to carry out those services. You want to take your time when picking your outsourced partner because they will be completing tasks on behalf of your company.

What are the Top Services That Small Businesses Outsource?

• IT

• Accounting and payroll

• Marketing

• Customer support

• Logistics

• Staff (using freelancers)

• Administrative

Outsourcing these services saves small business owners a lot of time. Reducing payroll, accounting, employee benefit costs, and related paperwork with outsourcing will give you more freedom to focus on what is important to you – growing your business!

Small Business Outsourcing

Outsourcing is not just for large corporations. Small businesses can benefit from outsourcing. Confie BPO has experience working with businesses of all sizes across multiple industries.

Even though there are some risks, outsourcing offers many advantages for small businesses. Effective outsourcing allows you to add skilled professionals to your team without the expense of full-time employees.

Tips on Selecting an Outsourcing Partner

Now that you know the benefits that outsourcing can offer you as a small business owner, you may be considering it as an option for your business. Learn some tips on how to select your outsourcing partner.

• Do your research

• Choose an established, reliable company

• Know what you need help with

• Be clear with your expectations

• Communicate often

• Check for cultural compatibility

• Ask for client references and samples

Nearshore Outsourcing for Small Businesses

No one can do everything. And neither should they. Confie BPO has helped businesses improve their efficiency for over 20 years. We have the expertise, the infrastructure, and the staff needed to manage your organization’s business processes. We are located near San Diego and have a highly-trained staff that is bi-lingual and bi-cultural. Some of our services include customer service, customer retention, technical support, collections, administrative and more. Call us today at 800-684-2276 to learn more about how Confie BPO can help your small business save money while improving productivity.