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Maximizing Your SMS for Lead Generation

Strategies for Maximizing Your SMS for Lead Generation Broadcast Impact

Companies across industries use text message marketing to keep current and prospective customers engaged. But text marketing is more advanced than sending individual messages to prospects. Thanks to SMS broadcast technology, you can reach out to everyone on your contact list at once or send direct response marketing messages to different groups of consumers. But what is a broadcast message, and how can you use SMS messaging to boost customer engagement? Understanding the basics of this technology is the key to developing an effective, impactful text marketing strategy.

What Is a Broadcast Message?

A broadcast text message, or SMS broadcast, is a message that one party can send individually to a large list of recipients. If you are using this technology for your business, once someone agrees to receive messages from your company, their contact information is added to a list for SMS broadcast messages. You can then send out mass text communications to each person on the list. This is an efficient way to get your message out to many people simultaneously.

Broadcast vs. Group Texts: What’s the Difference?

Broadcast messaging sends separate copies of the same message to each recipient on your contact list. Everyone in a group can respond to group messaging through a shared thread. SMS broadcasting works similarly to blind copy emails — even though many people receive the same message, they each receive an individual text thread. That way, your company can send out updates and marketing messages to all of your customers without revealing their contact information or other details to one another. And without starting never-ending group chat threads across your customer base.

SMS for Lead Generation

Texting allows your company to quickly engage your potential customers and qualify their interest in your products and services. Because you need consent to send out SMS marketing messages, SMS lead generation usually involves having the customer reach out first.

You could set up an automated system to opt customers into SMS texts after they send a certain word or phrase to your phone line. Alternatively, you could include an opt-in as part of your new customer registration process right from the start. You may also send out lead generation messages to former customers who have opted in for your communications previously.

Once you have a customer’s approval to send texts, you can then qualify their interest by prompting them to check out sales, use discount codes, visit your website, or respond to other call-to-action messages. This can help you develop a powerful list of interested customers whom you can target with promotions and personalized offers.

Other Applications for SMS Text Broadcasts

Along with generating SMS leads, there are many ways that your business can use text to connect with your customers. Here are just a few ways that you can start using this technology as part of your customer engagement plans:

  • Appointment reminders: Send out texts to remind customers of upcoming appointments.
  • Restock updates: Let customers know when an out-of-stock item is available.
  • Feedback requests: Ask customers to fill out customer satisfaction surveys after making a purchase.
  • Shipping alerts: Keep customers in the loop by sending out tracking information and shipping updates through text.
  • Sale announcements: Advertise sales and promotions by sending out texts with all the details.

How to Send an SMS Broadcast

If you’re interested in leveraging SMS broadcast messaging for your business, you can get started right away. Here’s a guide on how to broadcast text messages for your business:

1. Understand Legal Considerations

Before launching your SMS strategy, make sure you understand legal considerations. There are laws to guard against spam calling and texting, so it’s critical to get consent for texts from everyone on your contact list. When working with a broadcast messaging provider, make sure they’re compliant with rules about spam texting. Be clear that you only want to send messages to people who have agreed to receive texts.

2. Use SMS Marketing Services

Find a business process outsourcing (BPO) organization, SMS marketing service, or call center with solutions and services that can help you connect with your customers. These partners can assist with all your broadcast messaging needs, from building your contact lists to actually sending out the messages. Based on your needs, you can look for providers that send automated alerts, respond to customer text messages, create personalized blasts, and more.

3. Create Segmented Contact Lists

Work with your SMS provider to develop segmented contact lists of customers with different needs. Having multiple contact lists allows you to speak to the unique interests of your various customer groups. For example, you may send a discount offer on a particular product to customers who have purchased it in the past. Collaborate with your contact center partner about the level of personalization you want in your messaging.

4. Develop a Schedule

Ask your SMS broadcast provider how they determine the best time to send out messages. Qualified text outsourcing providers will research the optimal timing and frequency of text blasts. Use this schedule to keep customers interested in your offerings without overwhelming them with texts.

Getting the Most Out of Your SMS Marketing

SMS for Lead Generation marketing

Once you have a text broadcast system in place, it’s important to be strategic to get the greatest value out of each text. Here are a few techniques you can use:

  • Create a loyalty program: Encourage people to opt-in for text communications by offering text-exclusive discounts and deals.
  • Offer real-time support: Go beyond automation and use your text channels to answer questions and resolve customer service issues.
  • Monitor engagement: Choose an SMS provider that keeps track of texting and other call center analytics and uses that information to improve your strategy.
  • Identify yourself: Reference your company in each text to ensure customers know who’s contacting them.

With so many applications for SMS in lead generation and marketing overall, the best way to maximize the performance of your strategy is to ensure it’s aligned with your business goals. Working with a qualified partner can help you set your business up for success.

Engage Your Customers With a BPO Contact Center Partner

Modern call centers such as Confie BPO offer text communication and email alongside classic phone call services. Launch your SMS strategy by finding a comprehensive contact center that can handle all your customer engagement needs. We are well-established in several industries and can provide you with the tools you need to keep your customers informed and engaged.

Contact the Confie BPO team online or reach us over the phone at 800-684-2276 to discover custom texting solutions for your business.