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4 Reasons To Consider BPO For Your Business

Many leading U.S. companies in industries as diverse as financial services, manufacturing, retail, e-commerce, healthcare, and many others increasingly turn to business process outsourcing (BPO). They do it to contain costs, improve productivity and efficiency and gain other advantages.

At Confie BPO, we’ve identified four leading reasons why your company should consider adopting BPO as a winning strategy. But let’s start with a basic definition.

What is BPO?

Business process outsourcing is a practice by which a company assigns one or more departmental responsibilities that are outside the company’s core strengths to a third party. The idea is to rely on the expertise of the outside service provider to execute the day-to-day activities in these non-core departments or disciplines. By doing this, the client company can then concentrate its expertise in the areas it knows best and where it’s likeliest to find success.

The BPO service provider is expected to have state-of-the-art processes and technologies and highly trained talent in place, enabling it to reach a higher level of accomplishment than the client company could hope to achieve on its own.

Why Should Our Company Consider a BPO Relationship?

At Confie BPO, we’ve identified four key ways that a company like ours can add value to clients in many industries.

1. Your Team Can Focus on What You Do Best as an Enterprise

If you’re an accounting firm, your people are adept at reaching accounting solutions for your clients. As a technology innovator, your focus is on the advanced solutions that improve the lives or operations of your clients. If you manufacture steel or run a retail or e-commerce business, that’s what your workforce really understands. Anything else might be secondary in expertise and attention.

The point is, your company has gotten really good at a limited menu of core activities. It’s some of those non-core responsibilities that you might not handle as well — or even want to address in-depth. In fact, your operation might lose money through poor decision-making in weaker areas of understanding.

If you know banking, how much do you really know — or want to know — about call center operations? How much time and cost does your bank wish to invest in hiring, training, supervising, incentivizing, and advancing your call center staff? And how many bank customers do you want to lose if you mismanage your workforce or day-to-day activity in this peripheral area of functionality?

A good BPO partner has expertise in areas ranging from customer service/call center operations to inbound/outbound sales, lead generation and direct response marketing to tech support, human resources, and back-office processing, among many other areas of specialization that might be well beyond the key knowledge areas of your business.

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2. A BPO Partnership Can Save Your Company Money

A good BPO service provider has already invested heavily in state-of-the-art technologies, innovative processes, and procedures, and advanced training in multiple business functions.

That means that your company’s BPO partnership can result in cost savings through enhanced productivity and efficiency in areas outside of your immediate concern. At the same time, your team’s greater concentration on what they do best lets you boost bottom-line results in those core areas.

3. The Relationship Lets You Extend Your Reach through 24/7 Responsiveness

Again, let’s take call center operation as an example. If your service area spans multiple time zones, do you want to manage a second and third shift to enable round-the-clock customer response?

Probably not. But your BPO partner can increase your responsiveness to your entire customer base by handling your customer response for you. Day and night. Weekends and holidays if that’s part of your service contract.

Not just in your call center operation, either. Your IT, payment processing, claims services, and perhaps several other critical operations can’t always stop when your employees go home for the day. Those departments don’t have to close down if your BPO service provider is on the job. That’s a key competitive advantage in many industries today.

4. Your Company Can Keep Rolling Smoothly in the Face of Today’s Hiring Challenges

Human resource managers are living in difficult times right now. Companies today are in constant need of quality job candidates in virtually every field of expertise. Hiring and keeping good people has never been more challenging. You need all the help you can get.

With a BPO operation at your side, you’re able to hand off hiring and maintaining a strong workforce and operations in certain departments – letting you concentrate on finding the top talent for your core business.

It’s a matter, once again, of more narrowly focusing your time, talent, and energy to the areas where your company can make a profitable difference — and outsourcing the rest to a highly competent and proven third party.

Consider Us as Your BPO Partner

At Confie BPO, we’ve supported clients in financial services, technology, retail and e-commerce, telecommunications, media and entertainment, logistics and supply chain, and real estate. We succeed and build our reputation by maintaining a focus on sustaining diverse operations in these and other industries.

Our expertise includes:

  • Talent, technology, and proven processes in sales, marketing, and customer retention
  • Tech support
  • Administration and back-office processing
  • Accounting, collections, and payment processing
  • Human resources
  • Other activities and disciplines beyond the scope of your core responsibilities

Can we talk? First, we’ll listen. We’ll help define your needs and objectives. Then, we’ll develop a plan to put required systems in place with measurable results and ongoing process improvements. We’ll do this for one or several areas of functionality in your company.

To discuss the possibility of a winning BPO relationship, call us at 800-684-2BPO (2276). Or send us an email at We look forward to the opportunity to discuss the numerous ways in which we can add value to your operation.