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4 Ways Call Center Services Can Boost Your Company’s Inbound Sales 

Highly professional offsite call center services are literally the voice of your company as far as your customers and prospects are concerned. Its mission should be to represent your company’s high customer relationship standards and be as motivated as your own sales team to retain, cross-sell, and upsell inbound callers. The call center workers are, after all, your partners in fulfillment and service. 

Here are four ways in which a productive and highly trained call center operation can boost your inbound sales numbers and contribute to your company’s bottom line. 

1. Selling Through Advanced Call Center Training 

Good call center workers aren’t just order takers. If that’s all they were, they’d be valuable as long as all callers were already committed to placing orders and knew exactly what they wanted. 

But that’s not always how the world works. Callers have questions. They have doubts. They’re not sure if they want the basic product or if they’d be willing to spend a little more for the product version that works easier or does more. 

In other words, they need to talk it out. They need answers and informative support. 

This is why a good call center services operation has been highly trained on your products or services before taking that first phone call. Team members know how to put callers at ease and push forward your business goals. They can answer questions, upsell and cross-sell, and turn the call over to your company’s sales team when that’s the rational next step to take to preserve the relationship. 

2. Call Center Services Boost Customer Retention 

An old and somewhat outdated rule of thumb is that the cost of getting a new customer is about five times the cost of continuing to sell to an existing customer base. It’s the age-old debate, customer retention vs. customer acquisition. 

The truth is that both loyal and new customers are important to the continued growth and success of your company—but retention is usually much easier. After all, your repeat customers need no introduction. They’ve already learned the benefits of doing business with your people and using the products or services you sell. The job is basically done. You just have to keep doing it. 

That’s why it’s so critically important that your call center services personnel know how to keep your existing customers happy and motivated to continue doing business with your company. That means answering ringing phones quickly and courteously, truly listening to callers, and fulfilling their needs—whether it’s answering questions about products they’ve already bought and removing their doubts and frustrations, or helping them purchase new products. 

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3. Turning Complaints into Repeat Customers 

Let’s face it, not every customer is thrilled every time they dial your company’s 800 number. Sometimes a caller is confused, frustrated, or quite ready to end the relationship as soon as they can get their money back. That’s when the talents and training of your call center team will come to the forefront and mean the most to your company. 

With honesty, transparency, and integrity, many customer relationships can be saved and even nurtured. All it takes is respect, diplomacy, and the motivation to do the right thing. 

Your call center services team should be empowered to deliver the highest standards of customer service day or night, whenever the call is placed. That’s key to keeping good customer relationships so that the next time you hear from that caller it’s to place another order. 

4. Delivering Qualified Leads to Your Best Sales People 

Not every sale can (or should) be made by your call center team. If your product line is particularly complex or the items high-end, like real estate for example, there might be no way even the best-trained call center worker can be expected to close the deal. That’s how a call center helps your best salespeople. 

A productive call center team will be trained to know when and how to deliver qualified leads to your on-staff team for the close. In that way, your in-house sales team never wastes time on the more mundane calls but can invest their time, skill, and energy in closing sales and generating revenue. 

Choose Superior Nearshore BPO to Support and Improve Your Inbound Sales 

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a winning strategy for entrusting important duties and responsibilities for customer service. 

Your BPO partner should have expertise in advanced support for areas as diverse as IT, human resources, accounting, back office support—and, of course, your critically important inbound and outbound call center services

A highly productive call center operation will advance your inbound sales efforts and generate qualified leads so that your company can focus on its core strengths. 

Choose a Trusted Partner for Your BPO Needs 

At Confie BPO, we start every relationship by listening to the way you do business and then formulating an action plan that will add value and get you where you want to be. 

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