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How Robotic Process Automation Works With Nearshore Call Center Outsourcing

Your business has more options than you might think when it comes to accessing professional talent in areas such as accounting, IT, back-office operations, inbound and outbound sales calls, and other critical departments and disciplines. In addition to recruiting in-house talent, you can hire the services of a highly qualified third-party service provider. That’s what business process outsourcing is all about.

Through BPO, even smaller companies can focus on their core competencies and let experts handle the rest. These organizations also gain the benefit of being able to scale up when times are good and rein in workforce costs in more challenging business climates.

In the case of outbound and inbound call center operations, BPO strength is fixed on the interlocking twin strategies of nearshoring and using an advanced technology known as robotic process automation.

Let’s define both concepts.

Nearshoring Offers All the Advantages of Outsourcing With None of the Hiccups

A growing number of companies of all sizes and industries embrace the many advantages of call center outsourcing — especially those related to workforce cost savings. Unfortunately, many also experience the potential downside. This often takes the form of language barriers, prohibitive travel costs, and team members having to do remote business with their BPO partners in the middle of the night because of significant time zone challenges.

That’s why a new model in outsourcing has taken root: nearshoring, also known as nearshoring, also known as nearshore outsourcing or near sourcing. 

Nearshoring addresses the main snags of call center outsourcing by partnering with BPO operations located in much closer geographic proximity to U.S. companies. Nearsource partners located in Mexico or the Caribbean, for instance, are within much easier reach both physically and remotely than outsourcing companies such as those in India, Vietnam, China, or other distant points on the globe.

Your nearshore call center partner is a quick and inexpensive flight away for even frequent face-to-face meetings. When it comes to phone and internet contact, the company is likely to be in your time zone or one near enough that your employees won’t have to conduct virtual meetings when they should be sleeping or enjoying family time.

In some nearshore countries, English is the dominant language. If not, you can extensively interview your prospective partner and their team members beforehand, to ensure that language differences won’t be an obstacle.

The bottom line is that nearshore outsourcing takes a good idea in professional services outsourcing to the next level in convenience, collaboration, cost-savings, and efficiency.

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Robotic Process Automation Delivers a Virtual Workforce Supporting Your People Power

Robotic process automation, or RPA, provides advanced artificial intelligence where it makes the most sense for your company, your customers, and your work processes and flow.

You’ve probably been in fairly frequent contact with an RPA workforce without even knowing it, especially when in contact with an inbound or outbound call center.

This typically occurs when customers or prospects go online and visit a company’s website. Whether they call or text chat with a customer service representative, they’re frequently in actual contact with an AI respondent — at least initially. Often, this form of communication is so smooth that the callers aren’t even aware that they’re getting resolution by a robot. The right service can be excellent.

However, if the issue is too complex for AI, the caller isn’t getting satisfaction from the back and forth, or there’s a chance to upsell products or services, a human customer service rep will quickly intervene.

The advantage for customers is quick, courteous, and comprehensive solutions to their problems or a quick changeover to human support. For your work team members, or those at your nearshore outsource partner, the advantage is that their time isn’t wasted on repetitive or mundane customer communication activity that can be quickly and easily resolved. The human team can therefore dedicate their time and talent to more challenging and fruitful interactions.

How These Two Strategies Work Together for Your Business Success

Imagine having access to a virtual workforce, one that doesn’t take breaks or sick days, doesn’t have unproductive workdays, and doesn’t need salaries or benefits. Those are among the key advantages of pairing up AI and a human workforce.

Now consider having this technologically advanced digital force operating in close collaboration on inbound and/or outbound calls with your third-party human call center work team. Your customers receive a consistently high level of service at significant labor cost savings. All calls can be tracked and metrics established to document operational success.

Next step, picture accessing this productive work team — both human and AI — at a nearshore outsourcing BPO operation that enables you to manage processes and results from close up or from the U.S., further control labor costs, and upscale or scale back as quickly as your business needs to adjust headcount. Your in-house sales team can conveniently host virtual meetings during work hours and quickly, easily, and affordably visit your BPO partner site as frequently as the need arises.

It’s a new world, one where your call center partner team of human and digital resources is seamlessly aligned to meet your customers’ varied needs, demands, and expectations. You’ll benefit from a loyal customer base and repeat sales, a more fulfilled workforce, and cost-effective business operations in such critical areas as call center operations.

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