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10 Do’s and Don’ts of Writing a Call Center Script 

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of any business operation. It is important for businesses to put their best foot forward to ensure their clients feel valued and heard. When customers are happy and satisfied, they will likely return, plus they are more likely to tell others about their positive experience.  

One of the main touchpoints for customer interaction with your business is when they call you with a question or issue with your product. A competent and responsive call center is one way to provide customers with exceptional phone support and keep your customer base happy. 

However, not all call center agencies are alike. Working with a good nearshore BPO call center tends to offer more qualified agents who don’t necessarily need a script to speak to your customers. However, not all phone support staff are confident and capable when it comes to handling those calls.  

Of course, you never quite know how an incoming business call is going to proceed, but many questions and objections run along similar lines, so working with a call center script can help produce good results in some situations. 

Here are 10 do’s and don’ts of writing a call center script. 

1. Do Focus on Solutions 

Customers who contact your business’s call center with a problem want answers. Chances are they don’t want to hear a scripted line or two about your business. They need the scoop on fixing their issue so they can move on. Agents need to determine what the problem is so they can work to resolve it. 

2. Do Manage Angry Customers 

Let’s face it. Your customer service representatives will receive calls from angry customers from time to time. Customers could be upset about being overcharged, a product malfunctioning, or bad service. Whatever the case may be, your call center agents need to stay cool and collected. Active listening can be very helpful in calming the caller down and turning a negative situation into a positive one. 

3. Do Show Empathy and Understanding 

It’s essential for your representatives to put themselves in the customer’s shoes. Teach them to ask the question: “How would I want this situation handled?” When a customer is shown some empathy and understanding, they are more likely to feel more at ease with the situation. 

4. Do Use Pre-Written Information but Only When Needed 

When you think of a call center script, you might think this involves reading an answer, word for word, when dealing with the customer. In some instances, this is necessary. However, in many cases with inbound calls, your people won’t know what the customer is going to be calling about, and it’s difficult to prepare for all possibilities. 

Instead, they can have a general idea of how to handle a call based on the category it falls into. For example, suppose there is a financial problem or dispute. In that case, your staff may follow a script that outlines the return policy and so on. If the customer is calling with questions for information about a product, then your staff would follow a different protocol. 

Smiling BPO call center agent talks to customers on the phone

5. Do Provide More Than Just a Message Center 

Your call center support representatives should be trained to do more than just take a message. Any call center worth its cost will be able to manage a wide range of customer issues. Whether it’s troubleshooting the problem a client has or navigating a series of complex product questions, your agents must be adept at managing the calls. 

6. Don’t Use Jargon or Overly Technical Language 

Even if the business is more technically inclined, it’s vital for call center reps to avoid using too many words that the customer may not know. This includes industry jargon or other technical terms. With a nearshore BPO solution, agents understand and speak the same language as your customers – meaning they won’t fall into some misunderstood slang. 

7. Don’t Ramble On 

Customers who call your phone support staff don’t want to hear any rambling. It’s possible to maintain a friendly demeanor without being talkative. Instead, teach your staff to politely get right to the point and help resolve the problem efficiently. The customer will appreciate the speediness of your customer service. 

8. Don’t Be Rigid or Inflexible 

Customer service reps must be able to exercise flexibility. Not everything is clear-cut in every case. Sometimes a customer needs a solution or answer that is outside the box. At times, customers may call with issues that aren’t “in the book.” The last thing they want to hear is that things can only be done a certain way. Instead, your reps should do their best to offer customers as many options as possible. 

If they aren’t sure if there is leeway to provide a certain solution, they can offer to contact the business manager for more details. 

9. Don’t Be Pushy or Aggressive 

While representatives do need to keep every call moving along, it’s a good practice to allow the customer on the other end of the line to lead the pace (within reason). Make sure your representatives have patience and can speak gently as they guide callers through the answers to their questions. 

10. Don’t Leave Callers Hanging 

A call center should be highly responsive to answering calls. That’s what the job is, after all. People should not be left with a ringing phone or voicemail. 

The other thing that really irritates customers is when an automated operator tells them to select option one for this or two for that. Then they get transferred to another automated system. Callers can get frustrated quickly. You want to make sure callers get right where they need to go and are able to find their solutions efficiently

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